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Scottish Government Programme for Government 

September 2023

Further to the commitments made by the Scottish Government in the Programme for Government 2021 – 22, A Fairer, Greener Scotland: Programme for Government 2021-22 - ( published in September 2021, to establish a dignified and compassionate miscarriage service, the Scottish Government, Programme for Government 2023 – 24, Equality, Opportunity, Community – Our Programme for Government published on 5 September made a commitment to improve miscarriage care so women do not wait until a third miscarriage to receive tailored support, including access to progesterone prescriptions and separate spaces in hospitals within maternity wards for women who suffer a miscarriage, and the launch of a Certificate and Memorial Book of Pregnancy and Baby Loss Prior to 24 Weeks.

The intention of these commitments is to improve miscarriage care and support and includes introducing a graded model of care approach after a woman’s first, second and subsequent miscarriage as set out in  the Lancet series, “Miscarriage Matters”  Miscarriage matters ( published on 26 April 2021, ensuring separate spaces in major hospitals with maternity wards for women experiencing a miscarriage, and the introduction of a memorial book and certificate to recognise pregnancy and baby loss prior to 24 weeks. 

Scottish Government Launch Memorial Book

September 2023

The Memorial Book of Pregnancy and Baby Loss Prior to 24 Weeks (“the Memorial Book”) is a commemorative record held by the National Records of Scotland (NRS). 

It offers the opportunity to provide recognition and may offer comfort to those who wish to have a record of their loss. It was developed after listening to people who have experienced a pregnancy or baby loss prior to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Applications for entries to be made in the Memorial Book are provided on a voluntary basis as there is no legal requirement to record the loss of a pregnancy which took place before the 24th week, where there were no signs of life when the loss occurred. 

There is no time limit on making an application for an entry in the Memorial Book.
Applications may be submitted for an historical or a recent loss.

Once the loss has been recorded in the Memorial Book, a commemorative certificate of the entry will be issued to the applicant(s) free of charge. 

A certificate from the Memorial Book has no legal status and cannot be used as evidence of the loss.

More information can be found at Memorial Book of Pregnancy and Baby Loss Prior to 24 Weeks | National Records of Scotland (


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