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Bereavement Care Standards

An NHS Board that meets these standards is considered to be providing good bereavement care. 

  1. A parent led approach is taken, providing continuity of care and management of transitions between settings and into any subsequent pregnancies.
  2. Bereavement care training is provided to all staff who come into contact with bereaved parents, and staff are supported by their Board to access this training.
  3. All bereaved parents are informed about and, if requested, referred for emotional support and for specialist mental health support when needed.
  4. There is a strategic bereavement lead in every Health Board in whose settings a pregnancy or baby loss may occur.
  5. All units have access to a room where bereavement care can be provided in a suitable and sensitive environment.
  6. All staff listen carefully to bereaved parents, offer them informed choices about their care and the care of their babies, and are guided by their wishes.
  7. All bereaved parents are supported to mark their loss and offered opportunities to make memories.
  8. A system is in place to rapidly signal to all health care professionals and staff that a parent has experienced a bereavement to enable continuity of care.
  9. Healthcare staff are provided with, and can access, support and resources to deliver high quality bereavement care.

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