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SUDI Review

Aim to have knowledge of the SUDI review process and to understand why this takes place, the importance of multi-agency representation and ensuring the family’s voice is heard at the meeting.

Families tell us that they were not aware of the meeting taking place and/or that they could choose to express concerns or share their experience so they could better understand what happened to their baby as well as help other bereaved families in the future.

What do we need to do?


  • Inform the family that a SUDI Review is taking place. The meeting is held shortly after the final post-mortem examination report is available, which may be several months after the infant has died.
  • Explain that although the family would not usually be involved in the discussion between professionals, they will be kept informed and should be asked to contribute their feedback and questions if they choose to.
  • Actively encourage the family to ask questions and give feedback about their concerns or experiences through a midwife, health visitor, GP or paediatrician, making it clear their experience will be integral to the learning outcomes from the meeting


How will we know we have achieved our aim?

Families will tell us they understood what the review into their baby’s death involved, were invited to contribute in a way they felt was appropriate and understood the value of doing so.

Staff will tell us they feel confident about what a SUDI review is, when it takes place and the importance of attending this meeting. They will say they feel confident and competent encouraging families to give feedback and contributing successfully to SUDI reviews.

We were referred to different resources and that’s when we were offered genetic counselling about our older autistic boys. We waited 3 months for post-mortem even though we were told it would take 4 weeks.
Every day we were checking the mail waiting, thinking, there has to be a reason. They retained tissue samples to work out if there was a cause. We haven’t been told anything. The boys got sent for heart tests since you can only test hearts that beat. We were told one of the boys had an irregular heart beat and we had to follow that up. They just left us panicking about his irregular heart beat thinking he might drop dead and at any moment. We contacted a support organisation. That helped.
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